Cleen - Frequently Asked Questions


What does the Cleen App do?

The Cleen App enables you to review the washrooms of different types of venues that you visit throughout the day. To give you an example, it could be a restaurant you’ve just eaten at, or a cinema you’ve just been to. You can leave as much or as little feedback as you like, and even attach photos to provide more detail. With the Cleen App, Users can also find the nearest venue (Pub, café etc) with a Cleen washroom, meaning no more washroom roulette!

Why should I care?

Well, this bit is easy! We feel that too many venues have been getting away with substandard washroom facilities for too long, so now you have a way to hold them accountable. This is especially important for those with special needs, such as the Disabled community and those with small children, as it can affect how the lead their day-to-day lives. It’s not just about improving washroom standards, it’s about respecting peoples’ dignity - whatever their situation.

As these reviews are visible to the public, it “encourages” venues to improve the standards of their washroom facilities to ensure that business trade isn’t affected.  Furthermore, if the venue has subscribed to our Cleen Dashboard any review you leave will go directly to the venue so they can act on it straight away, meaning a faster resolution to the issue! You can find out more about the Cleen Dashboard here.

We’re also aware that many businesses are going the extra mile to provide fantastic washroom facilities, but don’t get the credit they deserve. Use the Cleen App to reward those venues, so that other Users can make informed choices of where best to go!

What types of washrooms can I review?

The Cleen App allows you reviews the washrooms of all types of business establishments and venues that are registered on Google. So that means you can use the Cleen App to review washrooms in restaurants, at your local gym and even at public places such as Bus Stations and Airports. Unfortunately, the Cleen App doesn’t allow you to rate the toilets at your friends’ houses – not yet anyway…

Will my review be anonymous?

All your reviews are completely anonymous giving you the freedom to say how you truly feel. We will never reveal any personal information in the review; only the information you chose to leave in the comment section will be visible. 

How will my review be used?

Your review will be anonymously displayed on the Cleen App platform so other users can view your rating and comments. For those venues that are subscribed to our Cleen Dashboard [add hyperlink] any review you leave will go directly to the venue so they can act on it straight away! You can find out more about the Cleen Dashboard here.

How many times can I review a washroom?

You can review a washroom as many times as you like - in fact, we encourage you to! For example, if you’ve previously given a venue a low rating and you return to the venue and they have improved – give them an improved rating! Contrarily, if you’ve rated a venue highly and you’ve seen standards decline over time, give them a new review and let them know.

I have an Idea to improve the Cleen App, how do I get in touch?

That’s great! The Cleen App is in constant development and even as you read this our team is working hard on ways to make it even better. That said, we welcome ALL feedback and ideas, so please email us at: